Smart Homes

Why Home Automation?

More and more homeowners are recognizing the value of an automated home. And indeed, it’s a sound investment. With a home automation system you gain several benefits

audio / video

In addition to a main listening or viewing room, many of our customers want the ability to distribute audio and video

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What We Do?

Comfort and Convenience

With just a touch of a button, you can turn your systems of devices and appliances off as you leave the house…

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Higher Energy Savings, become efficient

By choosing to automate everything – your home theater, your lighting system , your home audio and speaker systems…

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Increased safety

Our home automation systems feature cutting-edge security and alarm technologies designed…

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Increase the value of your home

Customized living environment that’s as advanced, attractive, and stylish as anything you’ve seen in Movies…

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our Blog

Should You Make the Jump from Cat-5e to Cat-6?

What makes the most sense

November 7, 2017

That’s the most common question I’m asked when I help integrator’s with their network issues. I’ve never thought about it before, but that’s because I’ve been running Cat-6 cables for several years now without ever looking back—I’ve even installed a few Cat-6a connections for large corporations.


Cat-6 and Cat-6a vs. Fiber

-Cat-6a would be my choice for the last mile haul in any industrial or factory environment if fiber is not an option due to price constraints.

November 7, 2017

Fiber cables are always recommended over copper, due to the fact they stand the test of time. Fiber is typically what is used for new infrastructure nowadays, but there are some instances where I would personally choose Cat-6/Cat-6a over it.


The Imperfect Science of Network Speed Testing

Throughput samples are received at up to 30 times per second.

November 7, 2017

There is no perfect way to test the speed of a network, but the most tried and true has been by Ookla and which does HTML5 speed tests. To understand why enterprise networks would make this test better you need to understand what is going on within the speed test.


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